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Laser Combat : Frequently Asked Questions

We do have combat coveralls for an additional charge, but most people do have old clothes and dress accordingly for the weather and for outdoor games. You will need to be here early to get ready for the start of the session if you want to hire coveralls. This is not paint ball so your clothes won’t get ruined by paint. Parties get coveralls as part of the package.

PLEASE wear appropriate footwear. No flip flops we are playing war games outside. Also gloves in the winter are recommended .

We do NOT have toilets on site they are located in Clambers Play Centre, so please make sure you have been before coming into Battle Zone. We do not stop open games for players needing the bathroom.

Once you've paid your fee there is nothing else to pay. Your ammo is 100% free and unlimited, we do not have 'hidden extras'.

COMPLETELY SAFE (unless you head butt a tree)
It's completely safe. Our guns fire harmless infrared, just like that used by your tv remote control, this is picked up by the sensors on the other players.

The accurate range of our laser technology attracts people looking for better combat simulation, this is the reason why many of the military have turned to infrared technology . The state of the art configurable semi and semi-automatic lightweight laser weapons have a range of up to 400mtrs, wind or other weather conditions cannot interfere with your aim, the laser travels in a straight line, so when you hit your opponent it's down to your skill, not luck.

Battle Zone can be played by all ages, from 6 upwards and is perfect for: Birthdays, Fun with friends, Family fun, Corporate events, Team building, Stag and Hen parties. Our missions are team oriented, so no-one leaves us feeling down because they didn't achieve a certain score, it's all about teamwork!

Give your xbox, playstation or computer a rest and find out just how good you really are. Battle Zone is computer gaming in real life....Use your gaming skills, test yourself and have a fantastic time into the bargain.

The realistic combat sounds emitted by the state of the art guns and our sound system add a fantastic authentic feel to the atmosphere of the missions.

Thick smoke & VERY long burn, our smoke grenades will help remove the oppostions line of sight, blur their vision, create cover, help you move forward & take victory. Don’t enter the Battle Zone without them!

NO GOGGLES - There's no need to wear goggles as there are no projectiles.

NO BRUISES! - Best of all...you don't get bruises. There's no mess or pain, just fun.

laser combat outdoors in Hastings
adult and child enjoying laser combat
state of the art laser gun