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Play Call Of Duty Scenarios with a Battle Zone Bomb Prop.

An Affordable Multi-Purpose Bespoke Bomb Prop.

Manufactured by Battle Zone Technologies for Adventure Sports UK. We can now offer a bespoke bomb prop for your site, every bomb will be unique in design. The Bomb is made using a military Peli case, fitted with 100 watt marine speakers and a Kindle Fire. The unit is rechargeable and can play for up to 8 hours before needing to be charged. The perspex panel can also be etched with your own company name. The Bomb looks so realistic and sounds amazing with 100 watt speakers.

The advantage of the Battle Zone Technologies Bomb is its diversity and amount of games that can be played in one prop and how every game can be altered to suit your site exactly, suitable for a small indoor or a multi acre outdoor site, it has something for everyone.

Five Great Scenarios
The Game Box plays five different games and scenarios. Each of the games has multiple options to make your game unique to your site. You have full control over the unit. We will set the bomb up to our standard game times to get you started, then you can just change them to suit your site when your ready, no experience is required in doing this and I’m sure you will have fun trying different settings and scenarios. There is a test mode so you can explain and show your customers how a game works. Search and Destroy will have on screen instructions to follow to help players in defusing the bomb.

Based on the scenario in the popular video game, Call of Duty, one team attempts to plant the Battle Zone Bomb at a certain location while the other team attempts to stop the bomb from being planted, once the bomb has been activated the rolls reverse when the planting team then have to defend the bomb from being defused. There are two variations in the Battle Zone Technologies bomb. You can play with a secret numeric code or give players electronic wires to cut. With the 100 watt speakers the players can hear when the bomb has been defused or if the bomb has been triggered and explodes.

Another great scenario based on video games. Headquarters become active for a short-time at intervals you set on the Battle Zone Bomb or leave it on random and the game box will do it for you. One team can control the Headquarters each time it becomes active. Controlling the headquarters earns a point with the most points winning the game.

Two teams attempt to control one or more locations by turning the Battle Zone Technologies Bomb prop to their team colour. Teams score points for each second they control the domination box. With the 100 watt speakers the players can hear when the domination controls are being activated and when the game has been won.

Reveal makes an electronic scavenger hunt for players. Players must find or receive a code to reveal the message. Be the first team to complete the message to win the game.

The Colours game turns the Battle Zone Technologies bomb into a simple game timer and flag for a team.

You can link multible bombs via WiFi, you do not need internet access.

Use with any system and on any site
Battle Zone Technologies Bomb is a great prop to enhance a site wanting to play advanced game scenarios. Players are changing and they are wanting more advanced games that they play on game consoles to be available when choosing a site to play on for real. You can use the Battle Zone Bomb with any indoor or outdoor laser tag system, paintball or airsoft to enhance your sites game play.

To see the bomb prop and for furhter information please call on 01424 423778.

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